Content Development

Kudan PublishingTM is currently working on “Content Development.” This means that the author is working on finishing the book, the editor is working on finishing the edits for the book and we are looking into the best provider of the content for manufacturing the product.

The first book in our lineup (as we have stated on our About Page will be Lost Falchion. We have reedited (the last round of editing is being worked as this is written) and will have a new copy of this book ready for launch hopefully for Christmas of this year. The latest we will let this project run though is Quarter Three (3rd Quarter) of 2013. We plan on having the book out well before then but that is our final deadline.

To answer a question that we have received: “Is Kudan Publishing part of the RB’s Universe Group?” Yes and no; we are part of it in that we were started and founded by RB but we are not part of it in that we will not just be publishing his materials. Our eventual goal (even though it is not stated this way on the About Page) is to publish things that are not written by RB. We want to branch out and have already been thinking of some books that we will branch out with.

We have thought of many different books to start that phase of our publishing out, but we will cross that bridge when we get there.

For now the Primary part of our planning is taking place.


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