We Forgot!

We forgot to post that we have officially published our first ebook. It is called Wanju: the Game of Life and it is available for FREE here. It is about the game Wanju which you can download and play form the above link. It is a chess variant that has the added idea of randomness.

We just wanted to make the announcement since it is our first official work to come out and since the second edition will possibly be coming out soon.


New Publishing Schedule

We have decided on a new publishing schedule. We know that our goal had been to get our first book out by Q3 2013 at our conception and that it has been a long silent time since that goal was set. We never got around to being able to offer the content in a manner that we considered to be good enough to be consistent with our name. Well that is over and we have done a lot of soul searching and have made some tough decisions and we are back!

Our current Publishing Schedule looks like this:

  • June 1st 2015 — Forced War
  • Before January 2016 — Imonoran Empire: The Anthology
  • Before June 2016 — Troigan and Other Stories
  • June 1st 2016 — Sword of the Empire

All of these books are by RB. If you know of an author that is looking for a publisher please give them our e-mail address: Kudan.Press@gmail.com.