What is Kudan Publishing?

Kudan Publishing is a Publishing Company started by Ray “RB” May IV to publish his materials. In the future Kudan Publishing may choose to publish other material as well but for the time being it only publishes his work (being his company).

Why did you pick that name?

The name comes from RB’s practice of Martial Arts and Korean Philosophy. Literally Kudan (or Gudan) is Ninth Dan (or 9th Degree Black Belt) and in Korean Martial Arts this is usually the highest honor that can be attained by anyone. It is labeled as Grand Master. It is the highest because of quite a bit of philosophy and thought. One reason is that ten (10) is considered a perfect number and the number of completeness. Because we are all human and no one is perfect and because no one’s knowledge is complete (“There is always more to learn” – Grand Master Soon Ho Lee) no one can attain a Tenth Dan.

What will be published?

Of course as was stated above works by RB will be published under the Kudan Brand but we are also now opening submissions for other authors as well. If you have a completed manuscript of a novel length (70 thousand words or longer) we are will to take a look at it with the sight to publish. Please e-mail the complete manuscript to Kudan.Press@gmail.com. We are also looking at the possibility of publishing some classic works as well.

When will you start publishing?

Our first book will be being put to publish on June 1st, 2015. This will be Forced War by RB.


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