We are now taking submissions of new, previously unpublished, manuscripts. In order for your submission to be counted it must fulfill all the guidelines below:

  1. It is previously unpublished.
  2. It fits into one of the three following categories:
    1. Novel Length: 70 Thousand or more words
    2. Short Novel: 50 Thousand to 70 Thousand words
    3. Novella: 30 Thousand to 50 Thousand words
  3. It is a work entirely your own.
  4. You hold the Copyright to it.

If your work fulfills all of the above criteria and fits into one of the above categories then we look forward to reading your submission. You can e-mail the full (by which we mean completed) manuscript to Subject:ATTN: Submissions: TITLE of WORK“. It must be submitted in either a DOCDOCX, or PDF formats. You will hear back from us within two weeks on whether your work is a good fit for us to publish.


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