Future Projects

Hello Everyone,

I would like to announce some future projects to you. If you follow my Personal Blog (RB’s Blog) then you know that many of my projects are being switched up. I have cancelled many of them – at least for now anyway – and I have proceeded to start working on very specific projects. One of those projects is a contract between this Publication House and Breath of God Ministries which will allow us to be publishing content for them. (Being one of the executive editors of the project it seemed only natural to give Kudan Publishing the chance to have the contract.)

I am also working on a lot info with Believe Better Ministries to allow for the publish of information and essays that have been put up through that Ministerial position. I am currently working on the first book for Believe Better Ministry which is a book of poetry. I am also working on a book of essays for Believe Better Ministries.

Finally we come to fiction. In fiction I am working on four ships. They are night and day representations of each other. Two of the ships are military (or paramilitary) ships the other two are transport/trade ships. One is the “good” side of the universe which is the military and corporate cargo ship, the other is the “dark” side of the universe which is a mercenary (paramilitary) and transport (not quite legal) ships.

There will be more info coming out soon. BOG Ministries will have it’s first publication coming up within a years time and I’m hoping to have something for fiction within a years time as well.

We hope to have something to show you soon.