State of the Press

Hello everyone,

Well I just wanted to announce the state of the press for everyone. So we have our submissions open still. We are looking for submissions, right now we are not looking for short story submissions, but keep your ears open because there are future plans for a KP Short Story Anthology. If you have questions about submissions feel free to e-mail us at (Please note there are plans to update our submission guidelines as well see below).

Apart from that we are making plans to publish our first project this year. We have made plans for what that will be but there are some things up in the air right now. That will either be Lost Falchion or Forced War. (You can always find out more info on my projects by going to my blog.) This is sometime in the future though. We are shooting for a date sometime this summer for our first release.

The only other big news is that we are rethinking our “Submissions Guidelines”. We did not look far enough down the road to really do justice to what we are trying to do. By setting our guidelines the way we have, we have completely neglected any chance of publishing anything other than the ”traditional” novel. This stops us from doing what we set out to do and that was start a small press that would actually allow indie-authors to get published.

I, RB, being an indie-author myself have tried self publishing and other various forms of publishing, but to no avail. My hope in starting Kudan Publishing is open a publishing house that can publish you that’s right publish your work that you worked so hard on and love so much.

That being said we are currently looking for volunteers. You can help by being a part of building this publishing house from the ground up. I enjoy Speculative Fiction and Fantasy but that is only two genres I do not necessarily know what is good when it comes to other genres. So if you would like to be a part of something that has the potential to grow bigger than just ourselves and build something that could touch countless lives across the world. Get in touch with us. You can e-mail us at

Thanks Everyone!


New Publishing Schedule

We have decided on a new publishing schedule. We know that our goal had been to get our first book out by Q3 2013 at our conception and that it has been a long silent time since that goal was set. We never got around to being able to offer the content in a manner that we considered to be good enough to be consistent with our name. Well that is over and we have done a lot of soul searching and have made some tough decisions and we are back!

Our current Publishing Schedule looks like this:

  • June 1st 2015 — Forced War
  • Before January 2016 — Imonoran Empire: The Anthology
  • Before June 2016 — Troigan and Other Stories
  • June 1st 2016 — Sword of the Empire

All of these books are by RB. If you know of an author that is looking for a publisher please give them our e-mail address:


We have decided to not look for funding right now as we can publish without the need of it since there are many resources that will allow us to publish without asking for your money. What that means to you is that our first book will be out sooner. We are looking through our options right now and getting things together. We are finishing up another round of edits on our first books (Lost Falchion and other Stories and Forced War) and they will hopefully be out sometime later this year.

Other than that we are working hard to make the best product we can. If you do want to donate we will be hopefully putting Patreon account here soon where you can become a patron of us and get exclusive content. Thank you so much for bearing with us.